With over 400 classes and more than 40 hours of content, The Blues Room offers tools for everyone, whatever your level or experience.




4 courses | 98 classes


4 courses | 68 classes


5 courses | 79 classes


6 courses | 97 classes



Learn a selection of simple routines. A great way to discover new moves, work on transitions and identify details in the music.



We get asked fabulous questions by students and want to share our answers with you! Discover our thoughts and philosophies on a range of topics.


We organize regular workshops with guest teachers. These are free for members


Test your skills with short, challenging sequences combining techniques from different courses.


Discover our pearls of wisdom about all the ‘small’ things that make or break your dancing.


How does the Premium Membership feedback work?

You will receive 6 one-to-one feedback sessions per year with either Adamo or Vicci. These will be provided on an online platform (Zoom or similar) and each feedback session will last 45min. You will receive personal feedback on your dancing, have a chance to ask questions and be set projects to help you develop further.  To give you flexibility and control over your learning you will be sent a calendar of available dates and time slots so you can choose when to book in for one of these feedback sessions.

If you still have questions please feel free to contact us directly at We’re happy to chat!

Is The Blues Room suitable for beginners?
Absolutely! We have a ‘Beginners Survival Kit’, specially designed for new dancers.  Once you have completed all the courses in the Survival Kit you will be ready to try any of the other categories. All other courses are suitable for intermediate level dancers and above. All courses begin with more basic techniques and moves and progress in difficulty throughout the course.
Is The Blues Room suitable for advanced dancers?
Of course! Although advanced dancers may be familiar with some of the moves and techniques that are taught in the classes, there is always more to learn! Advanced dancers can enrich their vocabulary, get new ideas for combining moves, refine their fundamental techniques, pick up new tips and techniques, improve their solo and partnership skills, and develop their style. Dancers who are teaching or interested in teaching can discover new ways of breaking down and explaining moves, practice exercises that can be used in classes, and collect lots of new ideas for class content.
What if I don't have a partner?
Not a problem! We have a whole series of solo blues courses, plus many of partnered classes contain tips and techniques that can be practised solo. So if you don’t have a partner don’t let it stop you!
Woah! So many classes! Where should I start?
The Blues Room offers you flexibility, so you are in control of your learning. You can choose whichever course interests you the most, however we do have some recommendations…

If you are new to blues dancing then you should start with the Beginners Survival Kit. These courses will give you all the information you need to get out there and enjoy yourself on the dance floor.

For all other levels – improver, intermediate, advanced, masters (whatever label you like to use!) – we highly recommend starting with the Essential Skills category. The techniques and ideas explained in this series will underpin the majority of all our other classes.

Other than that you are free to choose your own adventure!

Can I cancel my membership?
If you select the ‘Rolling Membership’ then you can cancel your membership at any time. Your user account will remain active but limited to a basic level. We will occasionally reach out to you with updates, offers, special tips and other news. If you want to completely shut down your account just send us an email and we’ll remove you from all mailing lists and permanently erase your account.

If you select the 12 month membership option then you can cancel your membership after the 12 month period has finished. When your 12 month membership is coming to an end we will contact you to let you know so you can choose if you want to cancel the membership or renew your membership for another 12 months.

Can I download the videos?
No, sorry. The videos are only available online via internet connection.


“The classes in The Blues Room are of the highest quality and very price-worthy.  They were a great help for us in finding our own identities as dancers and teachers.  The classes provide inspiration available at any time. It really is true luxury to have them in your home.”

Sandra & Niclas


“The Blues Room really shines. It’s the same clarity of explanation, the same chilled, easy-going, fun vibe that you get when you learn from Adamo & Vicci in person.  What’s absolutely priceless is the well thought through, nicely progressing material that grows with you.”



The Blues Room is intelligently designed for dancers of all levels with different needs. Every lesson is very clear and in-depth. The entire school is accessible to anyone, even those who have a complex and busy daily routine. Negative notes? High risk of addiction!! 



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