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The Blues Room was created by Adamo and Vicci to break down geographical barriers so you can experience the joy of blues dance, wherever you are. With a team of guest instructors from across the globe offering progressive courses as well as live online workshops The Blues Room aims to broaden your understanding of Blues dance from a range of perspectives. Each instructor brings with them their own unique style and approach to the dance.

Whether you are a beginner who’s just starting out or a more experienced dancer looking for in-depth training, we are here to support you, motivate you and encourage you to express yourself through dance.

What is Blues Dance?

Adamo & Vicci

Meet the founders

Dedicated to sharing Blues Dance across the planet, Adamo & Vicci started The Blues Room in 2020 with the purpose of providing a dedicated learning space for dancers of all abilities.

Blues Dance!

What's it all about?

Blues Dance refers to a mixture of Central African dances, West African dances and European dances mixed together on American soil. Developed alongside blues music after the emancipation of slavery it is intrinsically linked to its African American roots and cultural values.

As dancers not from this culture we step into this space with care and deep respect for the rich history and heritage of the music and dance, and honour the people who created it. The Blues Room aims to provide an educational platform for all elements of the dance; combining movement classes, talks, live workshops and lectures with guest instructors, blog articles, discussion forums and more.

Discover Blues History
Discover the Blues Vernacular Dance - The Blues Room

Guest Teachers Bring New Ideas

More instructors for you

Our guest instructors from across the globe are here to share their unique style and approach to blues dance with you.

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With over 772 classes and more than 40 hours of content, The Blues Room offers tools for everyone, whatever your level or experience.

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