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    • Introduction to Blues

      The perfect place to start! Get to grips with the basic principles…

      • beginners
      11 classes70 mins
      The Blues Room Beginners Survival Kit Category - The Blues Room
    • Basic Turns

      Learn new moves and develop your leading and following skills with some…

      • beginners
      11 classes70 mins
      Basic Turns - Beginners Survival Kit - The Blues Room
    • Side By Side

      Discover our favourite side-by-side variations. This is a very versatile hold; use…

      • beginners
      9 classes65 mins
      Side by Side - Beginners Survival Kit - The Blues Room
    • Jookin’ Blues

      The term ‘jookin’ refers to a family of blues dances that developed…

      • beginners
      11 classes80 mins
      Jookin Blues - The Blues Room
    • Ballroom Blues

      Explore the style of blues dance that developed in ballrooms, danced to…

      • beginners
      13 classes95 mins
      Ballroom Blues - The Blues Room
    • Close Embrace Intensive

      Discover our top tips for making close embrace comfortable, effortless and magical!…

      9 classes70 mins
      Close Embrace Intensive - Shop - The Blues Room
    • Stretch & Frame

      Deepen your understanding of ‘stretch’ and ‘frame’ and how they apply to…

      9 classes100 mins
      Stretch and Frame - The Blues Room
    • In The Swing Of It

      Do you want fluid, effortless dances? Learn how to use the ‘swing’…

      13 classes75 mins
      In The Swing of It - The Blues Room
    • Contra-Body Adventure

      This course is designed to give you exercises and drills to improve…

      36 classes120 mins
      Contrabody Adventure - The Blues Room
    • Transitions & Flow: Solo

      We find that adding swing to our dancing helps to maintain a…

      18 classes75 mins
      Transitions and Flow - Course Library - The Blues Room
    • Transitions & Flow: Partnered

      Maintaining a clear flow within our own body enables us to communicate…

      19 classes75 mins
      Partnered Transitions and Flow - Course Library - The Blues Room
    • Rhythm Toolkit

      Your introduction to common rhythms & timings found in blues music. Identify…

      26 classes120 mins
      Rhythm Toolkit - The Blues Room
    • Swinging Triplets

      Make your dancing more dynamic by responding to the swinging eighth-note triplet…

      31 classes120 mins
      Swinging Triplets - The Blues Room
    • The Blues Shuffle

      Discover new ways to respond to the classic Blues Shuffle rhythm with…

      17 classes100 mins
      The Blues Shuffle - The Blues Room
    • Latin Blues

      Welcome to the world of Latin blues! Identify and dance to three…

      24 classes115 mins
      Latin Blues - The Blues Room
    • Dancing To Delta Blues

      Follow along with Bibi as she guides you through a relaxing movement…

      10 classes65 mins
      Dancing to Delta blues - Course Library - The Blues Room
    • Latin Blues: Vol II

      Continue your exploration of Latin rhythms in blues music. Following on from…

      26 classes125 mins
      Latin Blues Vol II - Course Library - The Blues Room
      ✨new! ✨
    • Hip Action

      Discover classic blues hip moves. Build your vocabulary, develop your range of…

      • solo
      16 classes80 mins
      Hip Action - The Blues Room
    • The Fishtail Special

      Fine tune your Fishtail and get creative with timing, shaping and styling.…

      • solo
      10 classes70 mins
      The Fishtail Special - The Blues Room
    • Fancy Footwork

      Explore the full potential of your feet and add texture to your…

      • solo
      23 classes120 mins
      Fancy Footwork - The Blues Room
    • Awesome Arms

      Wave goodbye to awkward arms and embrace my top tips for awesome…

      • solo
      15 classes90 mins
      Awesome Arms - The Blues Room
    • The Spirit Moves Solo Styling

      The Spirit Moves: A History of Black Social Dance on Film is a documentary…

      • solo
      15 classes55 mins
      Spirit Moves thumbnail - Course Library - The Blues Room
    • Upper Body Coolness

      Explore new, cool ways to move your upper body!  In this ‘watch…

      • solo
      13 classes60 mins
      Upper Body Coolness - Course Library - The Blues Room
    • Riffin’ & Cuttin’

      Join Vicci and Mike as they guide you through this fun riffin’…

      • solo
      13 classes60 mins
      Riffin and Cuttin - Course Library - The Blues Room
    • The Magic of Intra-Body

      Have you ever marvelled at the incredible dance our bodies perform from…

      • solo
      18 classes90 mins
      Dancing to Delta blues - Course Library - The Blues Room
    • Keep Your Cool

      Deepen your understanding of posture and pulse and find ways to groove…

      6 classes80 mins
      Keep Your Cool - Course Library - The Blues Room
    • Our Favourite Moves

      Show off on the dance floor with our favourite moves! You’ll see…

      16 classes110 mins
      Our Favourite Moves - The Blues Room
    • Catches

      Add to your vocabulary, work on turning technique, create dynamics and improve…

      15 classes95 mins
      Catches - The Blues Room
    • Jookin’ Moves

      Discover a range of Jookin’ dances, and other moves with a shared…

      15 classes175 mins
      The Blues Room landing page and Jookin Moves - The Blues Room
    • Four Corners Special

      Play with your Four Corners and explore a whole heap of different…

      11 classes70 mins
      Four Corners Special - The Blues Room
    • Dips & Tricks: Vol I

      Hit the breaks, finish songs with style and add drama to your…

      26 classes180 mins
      Dips and Tricks - Course Library - The Blues Room
    • Dips & Tricks: Vol II

      Following on from the Dips & Tricks course we are bringing you…

      14 classes125 mins
    • Late Night Blues

      It’s late… the music is slowing down… you’ve been dancing for hours…

      20 classes110 mins
    • Four Corners Special

      Play with your Four Corners and explore a whole heap of different…

      11 classes70 mins
      Four Corners Special - The Blues Room
    • Struttin’ Vol. I: Introduction

      Struttin’ is a partnered dance, developed from 1930s-1950s in Memphis, Tennessee, often…

      15 classes70 mins
      Struttin - Course Library - The Blues Room
    • Struttin’ Vol. II: More Moves

      In Vol. II of our Struttin’ courses you will expand your range…

      16 classes95 mins
      Struttin - Course Library - The Blues Room
    • Texas Shuffle Vol. I

      Dive into the Texas Shuffle. Learn the fundamentals of this fun, slotted…

      21 classes90 mins
    • Slow Drag

      Learn the Slow Drag, the oldest known partnered blues dance. This is…

      9 classes37 mins
      Slow Drag - Course Library - The Blues Room
    • Chicago Triple: Vol I

      Let us share our way of dancing the Chicago Triple; an idiomatic…

      21 classes135 mins
      Chicago Triple - Idiom Dance - The Blues Room
      ✨new! ✨
  • 👋Choreographies available for 1 Year and Premium members only.

    • We Just Want to Dance

      Choreographed during the first Covid lockdown, this dance is designed to get…

      10 classes mins
      Choreography - Course Library - The Blues Room
    • Mellow Down Easy

      Enjoy this medium-fast tempo choreography to a wonderful rumba blues song. The…

      13 classes mins
      Mellow Down Easy - Course Library - The Blues Room
    • Jealous Woman

      Practice transitioning between some classic solo moves and get familiar with the…

      21 classes mins
      Jealous Woman - Course Library - The Blues Room
    • 300 Pounds of Joy

      Full of latin rhythms and gritty saxophones! Add attitude to your dancing,…

      22 classes mins
      300 pounds - Choreography - The Blues Room
    • I’m Bad

      Prepare to unleash your inner groove with this badass choreography. Whether you’re…

      14 classes mins
      I'm Bad Choreography - Course Library - The Blues Room
  • 👋 Challenges are available for 1 Year and Premium members only.

    • Warm Ups

      Warm up for your practice and develop muscle memory with these warm…

      2 classes mins
      Basic Turns - Beginners Survival Kit - The Blues Room
    • Isolations

      Warm up for your practice and develop muscle memory with these warm…

      5 classes mins
      Building Your Basics - The Blues Room
    • Practices

      Warm up for your practice and develop muscle memory with these warm…

      3 classes mins
      Basic Turns - Beginners Survival Kit - The Blues Room
    • Top Tips

      Discover our pearls of wisdom about all those ‘small’ things that make…

      12 classes mins
      The Blues Room Contact Us Form - The Blues Room
    • Q&A Sessions

      We get asked some fabulous questions by students, and we thought you…

      4 classes mins
      Thank you - The Blues Room


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Frequently Asked Questions

What the FAQ?

Most common questions about memberships and courses are available here. If you have something else in mind, reach out to us with any query.

  • How does the Premium Membership feedback work?

    You will receive 6 one-to-one feedback sessions per year with either Adamo or Vicci. These will be provided on an online platform (Zoom or similar) and each feedback session will last 45min. You will receive personal feedback on your dancing, have a chance to ask questions and be set projects to help you develop further.  To give you flexibility and control over your learning you will be sent a calendar of available dates and time slots so you can choose when to book in for one of these feedback sessions.

    If you still have questions please feel free to contact us directly at hello@thebluesroom.com. We’re happy to chat!

  • Is The Blues Room suitable for beginners?

    Absolutely! We have a ‘Beginners Survival Kit’, specially designed for new dancers. Once you have completed all the courses in the Survival Kit you will be ready to try any of the other categories. All other courses are suitable for intermediate level dancers and above. All courses begin with more basic techniques and moves and progress in difficulty throughout the course.

  • Is The Blues Room suitable for advanced dancers?

    Of course! Although advanced dancers may be familiar with some of the moves and techniques that are taught in the classes, there is always more to learn! Advanced dancers can enrich their vocabulary, get new ideas for combining moves, refine their fundamental techniques, pick up new tips and techniques, improve their solo and partnership skills, and develop their style. Dancers who are teaching or interested in teaching can discover new ways of breaking down and explaining moves, practice exercises that can be used in classes, and collect lots of new ideas for class content.

  • What if I don't have a partner?

    Not a problem! We have a whole series of solo blues courses and solo blues choreographies, plus all the Practice With Us sessions and Top Tips are suitable for training solo. Many of the partnered classes also contain tips and techniques that can be practised solo. So if you don’t have a partner don’t let it stop you!

  • Woah! So many classes! Where should I start?

    The Blues Room offers you flexibility, so you are in control of your learning. You can choose whichever course interests you the most, however we do have some recommendations…

    If you are new to blues dancing then you should start with the Beginners Survival Kit. These courses will give you all the information you need to get out there and enjoy yourself on the dance floor.

    For all other levels – improver, intermediate, advanced, masters (whatever label you like to use!) – we highly recommend starting with the Essential Skills category. The techniques and ideas explained in this series will underpin the majority of all our other classes.

    Other than that you are free to choose your own adventure!

  • Can I cancel my membership?

    If you select the ‘Rolling Membership’ then you can cancel your membership at any time. Your user account will remain active but limited to a basic level. We will occasionally reach out to you with updates, offers, special tips and other news. If you want to completely shut down your account just send us an email and we’ll remove you from all mailing lists and permanently erase your account.

    If you select the ‘1 Year Membership’ or the ‘Premium Membership’ then you can cancel your membership after the 12 month period has finished. When your membership is coming to an end we will contact you to let you know so you can choose if you want to cancel the membership or renew it for another 12 months.

  • Can I download the videos?

    No, sorry. The videos are only available online via internet connection.

What people are saying about The Blues Room

Student Stories

Students of The Blues Room have used the courses to progress their solo and partnered dance abilities and technique. And they've had fun doing it!

Great introduction to traditional blues


Precise, clear instructions for both leaders and follows. Everything is taken step by step so at no point was I lost when using the materials. Things are properly structured too, with courses for dedicated subjects that facilitate efficient learning. Also, it doesn't hurt that Adamo and Vicci are really adorable (the accents <3) and have great chemistry together so it's a real treat to watch them present the material.

Jacek Turula
Jacek Turula

The best online dance classes


The best online dance classes. Tutorials for all levels, very detailed and well explained. We have renewed the subscription for another year because it is worth it. Highly recommended.

Toni Barea Bernal
Toni Barea Bernal

Best online source for your blues dance training


Best online source for your blues dance training. From absolute beginning to quite advanced stuff, for both solo and partnered dance. One year is definitely not enough to learn all. Really enjoying it :)

Martin Šandera
Martin Šandera

Very professional content that allows good progress while having fun!


Very professional recorded videos and well structured courses with good side notes as prerequisites one should be aware of, further reading about history and context and music playlists to practice to. But most important, they are awesome teachers, where one can make good progress while having fun at practice.


Awesome classes


Awesome classes, great events, funny teachers... In one easy online form. It was great during the quarantine, and it's still great to keep up practicing at home, in far away Tromsø, where there no scene

Martin Lobert
Martin Lobert

Recommended classes with infinite material!


If you haven’t subscribe, then I really recommend it. Why? Because there are plenty of classes, like over 100s of material explained with fun and detail and to hook you as a student (and also could help as teacher ad well).

Tune Kantharoup
Tune Kantharoup

Definitely recommend Vicci and Adamo


Vicci and Adamo have a wealth of experience and knowledge that they share in a really fun and accessible way. I definitely recommend the Blues Room.

Melissa Davy
Melissa Davy

A lifesaver in lockdown, and now a thorough necessity for any keen dancer


I can't begin to explain how much of a gem The Blues Room is. The Blues scene is definitely not as big where I live as the Lindy Hop scene, and so having the opportunity to have more lessons and dance tips has been amazing. I was (happily) surprised by the extra online live lessons that Vicci and Adamo run, from which I have learnt so much about the history of the dance and the different styles of Blues dancing out there. The online recorded sessions are easily to follow along to, and I love the way I replay a video into I've got the move. There is such a gamut of Blues styles on there too; I love the Latin Blues classes in particular as it's a style that's not regularly taught in drop-in in-person lessons. A lifesaver in lockdown, and now a thorough necessity for any keen dancer.


Blues ist eine Lebenseinstellung


Durch eine Freundin kamen wir auf den Bluesroom. Seitdem lernen wir in unregelmäßigen Abständen nach den Videos. Uns begeistert besonders die immer freundliche Art von Vicci und Adamo, die professionelle Ausführung der Videos und das für uns sehr passende Tempo. Hoffentlich schaffen wir es einmal wieder zu einem Live-Workshop...

Uwe Meyer
Uwe Meyer

Blues culture online


I've been a member of The Blues Room for two years and it's kept me moving and smiling through tough times. I especially love the workshops because they make it possible to connect with many dancers around the world, catch up with friends and learn from some brilliant teachers. The classes on the site are great as well, there's a lot to learn for couples and solo dancers alike. It's embedded in a cultural knowledge that gives me a better appreciation of the music and the dance.

Pernille Bogø Jørgensen
Pernille Bogø Jørgensen

Blues indoors and out


Discovering that you could dance the Blues came as a surprise and quickly became addictive. Discovering The Blues Room and the work of Adamo and Vicci was fantastic because I can learn while at home, in an organized and easy to use way. “Seeing you dance is an inspiration, thank you for your dedication” SC, Portugal

Susana Carvalho
Susana Carvalho

The Blues Room is the place to meet blues dance lovers


It is very easy to use The Blues Room website. The classes are very complete and easy to follow. There is also a wide variety of steps for all levels, single and partnered, and it is a joy to dance along with Vicci and Adamo who take their time to explain in a very good mood, a joy which simply goes through the screen. You can ask for feedback, doubts, whatever you need to know about the blues. Not to speak about the Workshops with international teachers and researcers of blues dance and history, another extra point why I love the Blues Room. I will soon start my third membership renewal.

Maria Jose Castilla
Maria Jose Castilla

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