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What a line up! Helen Humes (vocal), Sonny Terry (Harmonica), Brownie (Kazoo) McGhee (Vocal & Guitar), Willie Dixon (Vocal & Bass), T-Bone Walker (Vocal & Guitar), Memphis Slim (Vocal & Piano), Jump Jackson (Drums) all in one video!

This video is a beautiful example of so many important elements present in blues music and blues dance. As you’re watching it listen and look out for the strong idividuality of each musician; for the way the muscians respectfully interact with other and use call and response; for the way they play with the beat and delay their timing; and for their undeniably cool attitude! Enjoy!

Video from the American Folk and Blues Festival, 1962-1969.
Copyright, 2004 Reelin in the years, LLC and Experience Hendrix, LLC
Vicci Moore

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